An Artistic Statement

Raised a stones thrown from the Cascade Mountains, Saira Bhatti got to enjoy the grandeur of nature and all its beauty. It is certainly one of the reasons he became a professional photographer.

At age 13 he started taking photos and learning the ins and outs of photography. At 22 he graduated with a BFA and marched directly into professional photography. Since then digital technology has changed the way images are taken, but it's his eye that truly makes his photographs stand alone.

One of a handful of professional landscape photographers that uses film and digital to capture images, Saira Bhatti travels across the US and Canada shooting places few people go. His work and services are commissioned by companies, organizations, and collectors from around the world.

All works are original, are shot on location, and are real images. If there is a particular shot or piece from the gallery you find appealing, make sure to contact him.

Mojave Desert | 2013

Bozeman, MT | 2014